Wedding Planning | What If It Rains?


If your wedding day is getting close, you’ve probably been refreshing the 10-day weather forecast every few minutes, panic-stricken that rain will blight your day. Wet weather isn’t anyone’s ideal wedding forecast, especially if you’ve spent the last year planning a midsummer celebration in the grounds of your dream wedding venue.

All we can tell you is that, honestly, even if it pours all day, you will still have a w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l time. Some of our very favourite weddings- both in terms of the images we captured and how much fun was had by all- were rain-soaked from start to finish (incidentally, photographing weddings every weekend really makes you realise that it really doesn’t rain all day very often, even in the UK).



There are steps that you can take to prepare for a rainy wedding, allowing you to embrace bad weather if it happens, and focus on just enjoying your big day.

Firstly, talk to your venue: they will have experienced rainy weddings before, and will have lots of suggestions on how to minimise disruption, and on the best ways to access sheltered outside spaces if you and your guests are keen to get outdoors.



Secondly, be flexible with timings. For example, if it’s showery, it might be worth asking the caterers to move your wedding breakfast forward by half an hour so that guests can eat while it’s raining, and head outside afterwards, once the showers have cleared.



Thirdly, speak to us about your concerns. Rainy weddings can lend themselves to some really creative photography, and bad weather gives us the chance to show you what we can really do! We have lots of tricks up our sleeves for wet weather… we always carry a full professional lighting kit in case photographs need to be taken indoors, and we also bring lots of smart white brollies with us, so there’s plenty of (aesthetically pleasing) shelter for you and your guests when you’re on the move.



And finally, enjoy it! Make a joke about the downpour in your speech, get the DJ to play Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and, if you can bear it, that hideous Alanis Morissette song about rain on your wedding day. Swap your fabulous wedding shoes for a pair of wellies after the ceremony. And, most of all, remember what really matters. It’s not going to be a disaster if everything doesn’t go completely to plan and you do end up with a wet wedding day. You’ll still be marrying your best friend, and celebrating with all your favourite people. Even the worst weather can’t stop that from being i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e.

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